Szymon Kuczyński


  He is one of a hundred people in the world who have circumnavigated the globe alone without stops and outside support. This is less than the number of people who have flown into space, climbed K2 or Mount Everest, conquered by more than 8,000 people. He is one of the best and best known Polish sailors in the world. His enormous experience, recognition and recognition have brought him two solo voyages around the world. The last voyage was a world record-breaking one, on the smallest non-stop solo vessel in the history of non-stop voyages, only 6.38 m long.

  It was the second successful attempt by a Polish sailor in 36 years to circumnavigate the globe without stopping. For his achievements, he has been recognised and awarded not only in Poland. He received, among others, the most important German and British sailing laurels.


 He is one of the most active Polish sailors. He sails most of the year, competing in regattas and training. This, among other things, makes him a target for the media and the public.

 He is invited to give lectures, both during travel and sailing meetings, as well as at corporate events, motivational meetings and conferences. Although each of the projects to date has been unconventional and considered by many to be too crazy, each has been completed 100%.


The coverage of the completion of the round-the-world voyage was watched by up to 100,000 viewers. Polish TVN television carried a live broadcast and aired several hours of footage from the finish line of the record-breaking voyage.


Szymon loves reading. Of great interest and impression among fans was the list of books he read during his voyages. During the 270 days of the record-breaking voyage, he read almost 150 books. He has written newspaper articles and reports of all his expeditions. He actively maintains popular FB, Instagram and website profiles. He is the author of the book "Around the world, oh yes, oh...". He has sailed over 100,000 nautical miles, which is five times the circumference of the globe along the equator. He sailed 80,000 miles alone, which puts him among the most experienced solo sailors in the world.

Szymon has been featured in Australian and Polish newspapers, the British Times, trade press around the world, Polish “Wysokie Obcasy”, “Twój Styl”, National Geographic, Newsweek, among others. Travel Channel TV recorded an hour-long production about the sailor featuring him, and radio stations connected live to the yacht's deck via satellite.

Inspiration. He first crossed the ocean alone in a self-built 5m wooden boat. He later built another yacht, on which he circumnavigated the world twice and won offshore regattas. More than 100 newspaper articles and over 600 online media have been published about him and his projects. He has appeared on more than 70 radio and 80 television programmes.


Major awards:

Trans Ocean Preise- the most important German sailing award 2018.

Jester Awards Ocean Cruising Club international British sailing award 2018.

Twice voted Sailor of the Year by the readers of Polish “Wiatr” Magazine Sailor of the Year by the Captain Baranowski Foundation 2013.

Twice Cruiser of the Year - the oldest and most prestigious Polish sailing award (2016 and 2018)

Twice recipient of the special award of the "Żagle" magazine

Leonid Teliga Award

Finalist of the Travelers of the National Geographic travel awards

Twice winner of the "Kolos"

International Sailing Awards of Szczecin- Sailor of the Year 2019

International Sailing Awards of Szczecin- Cruiser of the Year

Wyszak Award 2017

Member of the Carbon Chapter of the Silesian Sailing Awards

Member of the Council of Kolosy- the most important travel awards in Poland

Invited by the President of the Republic of Poland to the Presidential Palace for the celebration of the Flag Day on 2 May 2013

Silver medallist of the ORC Int. Sailing Championship of Poland.

Regatta winner: Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days, Gdynia - Władysławowo - Gdynia, Sailbook Cup, Unity Line, Hundred by Atalntyk, Northman Cup

Regatta podiums: Battle for Gotland, B8, LotosNord Cup, Eljacht Cup, Obrońców Westerplatte Cup, Sputnik Cup, Doublehanded Off Short

Participant in the Rolex Fastnet Race, Gotland Runt, Baltic 500, Extra Sailing League. Competed in Mini 650 class regatta




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