"However, prudence is the better part of valour (...)." Farley Mowat


What we love most in life are the adventures and crazy projects that, carried out with prudence, are our pride.

We show that anyone, even with the smallest budget and, with some courage to do things differently and against the odds, can sail the world.

We don't know if we are more prudent or more daring, but if we dedicate ourselves to a project, it is with our whole selves and with full enthusiasm.


We invite you to join us on this adventure.

Ania and Szymon




Hultaj is a Figaro One class boat - a very interesting construction, designed by the famous Groupe Finot/Jean Berret office. It was created to meet the needs of the famous "La Solitaire du Figaro" single-handed regatta. Michel Desjoyeaux, the only two-time winner of the Vendee Globe, claims that this particular Figaro regatta is the toughest solo race in the world.

Yachts and regattas “The Figaro”, invariably and for years, have been regarded as the most important form of preparation for the round-the-world Vendee Globe. 


The Figaro is a fast boat, easily manageable for one person, with minimal ‘hotel’ facilities. There is a single-burner cooker with a gimbal and even a sink, but with a foot pump for water. There are no bathrooms or separate cabins. Instead, there are water ballasts, a rod rigging, a tapered mast. A strong design with little weight. And this design has proved to be durable. Our Hultaj has no osmosis, nothing crackles when sailing, no leaks. And despite being over 30 years old, the boat is still competitive in offshore racing.


A total of 140 Figaro One's were built. Ours is number 49. Hultaj's colour oscillates between very light green and green. It is the original colour from when it was part of the Grupe LG team.


We purchased Hultaj in July 2021 and started racing straight away. A regatta is an excellent test of a boat because most of the weaknesses of a yacht come out. Hultaj has done very well. In Baltic regatta we stood on the podium several times, including the highest one. Hultaj and Szymon finished the Battle of Gotland. We took 5th place in the Polish Single Handed Championships, similarly, when two of us took part in the Polish Double Handed Crew Championships. We were second in the famous and most prestigious high seas regatta in Poland - Gdynia-Władysławowo-Gdynia.

Szymon Kuczyński

He is one of a hundred people in the world who have circumnavigated the globe alone without stops or outside support. This is less than the number of people who have flown into space, climbed K2 or Mount Everest, conquered by more than 8,000 people. He is one of the best known Polish sailors in the world.


His enormous experience, recognition and visibility have been brought by two solo voyages around the world. The last voyage was a world record-breaking one, on the smallest non-stop solo vessel in the history of non-stop voyages, Boat of only 6.38 metres length. It was the second successful attempt by a Polish sailor in 36 years to circumnavigate the globe without stopping. He was recognised and awarded for his achievements not only in his home country. He also received, among others, the most important German and British sailing laurels.


Anna Jastrzębska

She has dedicated her entire life to sailing. For several seasons she has been sailing on various vessels, both dinghies, sea yachts and Mini 650 class units. Currently she races on her own Figaro One class boat. She has participated, among others, in the Polish Maritime Crewed and Doublehanded Championships. She has been awarded with the special prize of the President of the City of Gdańsk "Bursztynowa Róża Wiatrów" (Amber Rose of the Wind) and with the prize of the President of POZŻ "Kryształowy Żagiel 2020" (Crystal Sail 2020). She would like as many women as possible to sail on yachts, regardless of experience or age. When on a boat she loves being able to push her comfort zone and for being efficient at what she does. She also likes music and cheese.

Expeditions under the banner of "Ocean's breath":

- "By a hundred across the Atlantic" 2012 - 2013 Alone across the Atlantic on a 5m boat.

- "Girls on board- Iceland" 2014 2 girls on a 6m yacht from Poland to Iceland and back. No engine or heating.

- "Maxus Solo Around" 2014 - 2016 A solo voyage around the world on a 6m yacht.

- "Call of the Ocean" 2017 - 2018 Solo, non-stop, without external support around the world on a 6m yacht. The smallest in the history of world yachting. A record that has not been broken to date.

- "Maxus Racing Team" 2018

- "From beach to beach - Baltic by sailboat" 2020 Small open-deck dinghy on the waters of the Baltic Sea.

- "Sources of the Baltic - Vistula by dinghy" 2020 Vistula cruise from below the mountains to the Baltic by open-deck dinghy.

  • "Around the world, once again..." 2022 - .... An ongoing round-the-world cruise and starts in the most important regattas at sea. TwoSTAR, Fastnet, Sydney-Hobart, Cape2Rio.....





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